Utility Easements

A significant portion of the Company’s water mains and pipelines are located on Shareholder property within easements or other rights-of-way in favor of the Company. In the event that Company must perform maintenance or repairs on such pipelines located within easements or other rights-of-way on Shareholder property, Company shall , except in the case of an emergency, attempt to contact the Shareholder at least seven (7) days prior to any work being performed on Shareholders property. In the event of an emergency, Company will provide Shareholder with as much notice possible that work will be performed on Shareholder’s property. When performing maintenance or repairs on the Company’s distribution system or other facilities located within a right-of-way or easement located on Shareholder’s property the Company will make a reasonsble effort to return the property to the condition it was in proir to the Company performing work, however, Company shall not be responsible for damage to any improvements made within the right-of-way by Shareholders which includes, but is not limited to, walls, fences, trees, landscaping, sheds, driveways, or any other improvements that must be removed by the Company to access its pipeline or facilitees.